Work Order Request FAQ

Who can use Work Order Request?

All faculty, staff, affiliates, and students who have a Notre Dame login (NetID).

How can I access Work Order Request?
What devices support Work Order Request?

Any device with an internet connection, including cell phones and tablets.

Do I need to be logged into WiFi to use Work Order Request?

Yes, you need to be connected to eduroam here on campus or to the VPN if off campus.

Does Work Order Request replace the current work order system?
  • The current work order system (AIM) will still be accessible to users who have been trained in that platform.
  • Only users who submit 100+ work orders annually will be encouraged to use the AIM system because of the complexity of the software and the training required.
  • Some buildings or departments may have policies to route all work requests through specific staff members. Please continue to follow your departmental policies.
What if I cannot find the category for my work order request?
  • As the CWCC launches Work Order Request, there will be a tile called “OTHER” for requests that don’t fit a particular category.
  • The CWCC will continue to add, remove, or change tiles to best serve the needs of the campus community..
How did the CWCC come up with the tiles?
  • The CWCC collaborated with partners from around campus to gather data related to the most popular work orders and utilize language that best connects with users.
  • Additional tiles will be added over time to best serve the needs of the campus community
Who do I contact if I have further questions, feedback, or need help navigating the new system?
  • Contact the CWCC at or by calling 574-631-8888.
  • The CWCC staff are also willing to give demonstrations to departments or groups wanting more information on the new system.

Work Order Request FAQ (PDF, 55k)